Display an Ad on your website from my website OpenAds.io and get 11 unique clicks.



Claimed by: jerry99park

 Claim settles in -706.5 hours.
Completion Terms:
First send me an email to jessesignup@gmail.com with the website address you will be displaying the ad and your WillPayCoin username. (to verify you are the one displaying the ad) Next place any ad from http://openads.io on your website and get 11 unique clicks. (11 because you will get paid 100,000 satoshi when your balance is 110,000 satoshi at 10,000 satoshi per click.) Lastly, email me at the same email address and announce you have completed your task. Upon reviewing timestamps, I will award the winner.
Settlement Terms:
Review Period 48 hours
Dispute Resolution Settled by music8mycomputer
Significant Contributors >0.01 BTC (1000000)


  • Started by: music8mycomputer 
  • 1000000 - music8mycomputer

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