The Idea Other "Crowdfunding" sites lets a specific party get paid before they do something. Sometimes we want something done, but we don't know who can or will do it. That's why we support a "crowd-bounty" model. Anyone can do the task, but they get paid after it's done. Both models require trust. Our mission is to provide tools to establish identity, collect funds, claim bounties, and settle disputes. Our hope, is to provide a more efficient online market where people with ideas can reliably pay people to fulfill them. The Technology
  • Digital money. Bitcoin technology makes possible low fee "digital cash" style transactions. It also supports "smart contracts" between multiple parties.
  • Social identity. OAuth enables easy linking of identities from social networks, making it more possible to add trust and reputation online.
    ...Combining these technologies enables more efficiency and trust than has previously been possible with online person-to-person online transactions. The Founder WillPayCoin was created by Steve Vincent of Sacramento, California.