Help and FAQ

A bounty is a task you (and others) want completed. A reward will be paid to the first valid claim of completion. Anyone may contribute to the reward. Bounties should have specific and measurable terms of completion, so claim validity is clear. Upon creating a bounty, options will be selected: a review period, a dispute resolution method, and a significant contributor minimum.

Anyone may contribute to any bounty. Contributing again to the same bounty adds to your total contribution. You may withdraw your total contribution at any time before a claim is made (or after a disputed invalid claim). If you have a pending (unconfirmed) contribution, you must wait a few minutes for confirmation before you may withdraw/refund your money. Bitcoin transaction fees apply for refunds. Any payouts will go to the address you specify in your Settings.

A claim, is when a user states they have completed a bounty. This locks the contributions, and initiates a 'period' for contributors to review the claim. If the claim goes undisputed, the reward becomes settled and payable for the creator of the bounty to award payment.

Any significant contributor may dispute a claim during the claim review period. A dispute initiates a resolution period, to resolve the dispute and determine validity of the claim. The dispute will be resolved by the pre-selected dispute resolution method. If resolved as a valid claim, the bounty becomes payable. If invalid, the claim is removed initiating a recovery period.

Dispute Resolution Methods:
  • Settle by bounty creator: The user who created the bounty will review and decide any dispute.
  • More methods (e.g. voting) coming soon...
  • A review period follows any change in status of a bounty, such as a claim or dispute. The length of this period is specified when creating a bounty. Bounties which are complicated to verify may require longer periods than easily verifiable tasks. Be aware that short review periods (e.g. less than 8 hours) risk being settled (without opportunity for dispute) while contributors are sleeping, so at least a 12 hour review period is recommended.


  • Claim Review Period: Review period following a claim, during which a dispute may be made. If no dispute is made during this period, the claim will become settled and due for payment.
  • Dispute Resolution Period: Review period following a dispute of claim, during which a dispute resolution method will be applied.
  • Recovery Period: Period following removal of an invalid claim due to a dispute resolution, during which refunds are permitted but new claims are not. This period duration is the lesser of: 24 hours, or half the review period.

  • A bounty enters "Unpaid" status, if a claim remains valid after the review period or resolved dispute. The creator of the bounty must release the award to the claimaint. This is because we utilize 2-of-3 multisig "smart contracts" to secure funds and require bounty creators to passphrase enrypt their keys. We'll send reminders to the creator about awarding payment. If the bounty goes unpaid after a period of time, we may contact contributors directly so they can award individual payments to the claimant.
    This is the minimum amount required for a contributor to be able to dispute a claim. This is specified when creating a bounty. The purpose of this is to limit unwarranted complaints from contributors who haven't committed as much.
  • No. There is currently no fee.
  • Bitcon Transaction Fees: As required by the bitcoin network to pay miners, a small (0.0001 BTC) transaction fee is subtracted from each payout (i.e. awards and refunds).
  • Contracts between anonymous parties online requires trust. This is why we encourage users to link social media sites, to validate their identity and reputation. We require at least two account links to create or claim a bounty. You may add or hide linked accounts in Settings.

    We ask users maintain a single profile, and will strive to associate and link profiles of the same user. We only permit users to "unlink"(hide) their added accounts if they aren't currently in any reputation-dependent contract (e.g. an open bounty or claim).

    We utilize 2-of-3 multisignature "smart contracts". You may passphrase encrypt your key in Settings, to add additional assurance that your contributions are safe from someone accessing our data. We require an encrypted passphrase for anyone creating a bounty.

    Be sure to make your passphrase unique, personal, and memorable.

    Good passphrases:
  • "deputy chugmonster" / Hint: "My nickname in college."
  • "it smells like corn" / Hint: "what joe said on the bus."
    Poor passphrases:
  • "blue" / Hint: "My favorite color"
  • "password" / Hint: "a secret word"
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